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Dwarf Sunplosion Package

Male: Dwarf Sunfire Genetic Stripe het Albino Female: Dwarf Lavender Albino Sunfire het Genetic Stripe


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If you like Genetic Stripe combinations this is a great package to look into! With an almost two year old female Dwarf Lavender Sunfire het Genetic Stripe, it puts you within a year and half of producing Dwarf Albino Super Sunfire Genetic Stripes! The male comes from a Lavender breeding so he can produce either White and Lavender Albinos or Lavender and Purple Albinos. This clutch will produce Dwarf Super Sunfire double het Albino/Genetic Stripes, Albino Super Sunfire Genetic Stripes, Super Sunfire Genetic Stripes het Albinos and all sorts of other beautiful combinations, all 50% Dwarf!

Dwarf Sunplosion Breeding Package